monitor website frequency

Selecting the right website monitoring frequency is a matter of individual performance requirements and ROI.

Optimum Frequency to Monitor Website State Changes

Website monitoring frequency is something that’s been debated among e-commerce and web performance junkies for years. Perhaps you’re wondering, “What is the optimum frequency to monitor website state changes such as uptime/downtime”? Like many other things in the webmaster world, it’s really a question that boils down to the individual website performance requirements of your organization.

Faster Frequency to Monitor Website Uptime/Downtime

A faster monitoring frequency is always better — the only problem with that is it is usually relatively expensive. The reason that the cost has historically been higher (and still is with most competitors within the industry) is because a shorter monitoring frequency uses more resources on the server, costing the service provider more. Therefore, customers generally have to pay more for a high frequency.

Determining ROI on Monitoring Frequency

As there is generally a higher cost associated with monitoring more frequently, that higher cost needs to have justification based on your website needs. If you have a recreational hobby blog about cooking, pottery, or something just for fun, it’s probably less important to pay for a shorter monitoring frequency than it is if you’re running a large e-commerce website with lots of traffic where people are using a shopping cart to checkout every few minutes. If your website traffic consistently high, you will want to know by-the-minute statistics as to if something is wrong.

So, to answer the question of “How often you should I be monitoring my website?”, there really isn’t a specific answer, except for the fact that for most organizations, shorter intervals are better. As these higher monitoring frequencies typically cost more, it’s a matter of weighing the cost and ROI to your organization. It may be wise to determine what your needs are in comparison to the benefit of the quicker service.

How is UptimePal Different?

Monitoring frequency and pricing is what differentiates UptimePal from the competition. Whether you’re a recreational blogger or an e-commerce professional, you can still get monitoring for $1 per minute, per URL. Some competitors charge almost $50 per month for ONE URL, for one minute monitoring. Can you imagine that? This is where UptimePal is truly revolutionizing the industry; offering monitoring at one minute intervals for only $1 per month per URL has never been done before.

When you’re dealing with UptimePal, you’re only spending $1 for each URL that you monitor, which takes the stress and hassle of weighing the cost/benefit of monitoring intervals against the return on investment (ROI) that you’d get by being alerted sooner or more frequently.

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