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It’s quite simple; website monitoring is our business. Our proven global network checks your website from around the world, every minute, ensuring your website is online and available to your users. When your website does go down (and it will), you’ll receive an instant alert notifying you of the issue so you can fix it before anyone else notices (shhh, we won’t tell anyone but you). You’ll also receive another alert once our uptime monitoring servers detect your website is back online.

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Uptime Matters: Is your website up right now?

UptimePal website monitoring software detects thousands of outages per day that our customers were not aware of. Our instant alerts, detailed reports and root cause analysis empowers you with the tools and actionable data you need to keep your systems up and running.

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Our website monitoring software is loaded with features to bring you performance and uptime data in one convenient dashboard.
Receive instant alerts the moment your website has issues via email, text/SMS, phone call, or telepathic message.

Just kidding about the telepathy…we’re not psychic, but our monitoring powers are kind of a big deal.

Monitor Just About Anything…Seriously.

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Worldwide Performance Monitoring from the Cloud

Our global network has over 15 different website monitoring locations. Simultaneously test your website from our entire worldwide network, or simply chose one location near you. This allows you the flexibility to monitor your website from a global or local perspective.

Website Monitoring, Simplified.

Stop squinting at useless charts and wasting time wading through endless data. With UptimePal’s streamlined reports you’ll be able to quickly identify the metrics that matter most. Clean pie charts and easy-to-read graphs ensure you’ll always have a clear view of your website’s performance.

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Monitor Website Uptime

Ensure your websites are available and responding properly.

Our uptime monitoring software allows you to measure server response time from different locations around the globe, and track performance changes through different times of the day. Uptime is the most important metric when it comes to a website monitoring service:  If your website is not up, it doesn’t matter how good the content is, site visitors are not seeing it. UptimePal monitors your site so you don’t have to worry if it’s up or down. Receive instant alerts 24×7 if your website stops responding within the specified time limit.

Setup Automated Alerts

Notify your support team when website problems are detected.

When a website is down or having problems, you can receive alerts via email, SMS/text or phone containing detailed error descriptions as well as troubleshooting tools. These contain diagnostic details such as the page source code, errors, and a traceroute report. Notification emails include the monitored website, the specific URL, a list of the most recent responses from each website monitoring location, and the status of the last test. When your website is back online you’ll receive an alert from our uptime monitoring system.


A Monitoring Solution for Everyone from Small Businesses to Corporations

Businesses need to stay on top of their game when it comes to website uptime! Sites that have recurrent downtime can ruin reputations and cost businesses thousands (or even millions) of dollars. Whether you’re a medical business owner who wants to ensure that your HIPAA-compliant hosting is functioning properly or a “mom and pop” shop trying to choose the best web hosting for your small business, UptimePal can hold web hosts accountable by ensuring they meet their required Service Level Agreement (SLA) numbers.

Review Performance Reports

Review reports on website performance and uptime versus downtime.

Check out the user friendly line graphs, pie charts of uptime versus downtime, and tables of response time data to quickly see your website performance at a glance. After monitoring a website to establish a baseline of average response times you can compare daily reports to identify performance trends, such as certain times of the day when a site is sluggish. UptimePal is not just an uptime monitoring tool to notify you when your site goes down, but it has evolved into a proactive management solution to help predict potential bottlenecks or areas in need of improvement. UptimePal is also compatible with all website platforms such as WordPress, Shopify and Squarespace.

How much is uptime worth to you?

Your website is valuable, but only when it’s online.

Even a website requires someone to manage it and monitor its activity to be sure that your customers or site visitors have the best possible experience. UptimePal website monitoring software provides instant alerts when issues are detected with your site. Sign up now to see how easy it is to monitor your websites.

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Wilson, HR IT Consulting (Bogotá, Colombia)
“I want to say that it was my pleasure to work with you on this monitoring account implementation you did wonderful job and were proactive involved on all the problems that we came across good job!!”
Ram, Internet Entertainment Technology (Tel Aviv, Israel)

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