UptimePal’s goal is simple: ensure you’re the first to know when there’s a problem with your website.

By providing you with immediate alerts and notifications, UptimePal keeps you on top of issues with your web hosting, server, DNS, or anything else that might prevent visitors from accessing your site.

We do this by visiting your site every minute (yes, we said minute) to make sure that it loads properly. If it doesn’t, UptimePal will send you an alert in the form of an email, text message or phone call. When we alert you, you’ll know exactly what happened and why we couldn’t access your site. This helps prevent angry customers and website visitors from ditching you and never returning!

Thousands of companies and individuals around the world have come to trust UptimePal to ensure the reliability of their websites. It doesn’t matter whether you’re a Fortune 500 company or a someone who has a hobby blog about cat sweaters—UptimePal has you covered!

Don’t believe us? See for yourself! Sign up for a free trial today—no credit card, no shenanigans—just give us your web address and we’ll handle it from there!